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Build faster with high precision using the Mighty Buildings production platform

100% Digital Fabrication now available for Homebuilders

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Material Advantages

Our breakthrough Light Stone Material (LSM) can be printed in any shape and hardens to a stone-like composite.

Comparatively lightweight

4 times lighter than similar concrete structures

Water and fire resistant

Watertight, durable, fire resistant

Certified Material Properties

First UL-listed 3D printed building component

Energy Efficient

Hight Thermal Resistance
R-Value > 20 for a 6" wall

Production-as-a-Service platform

Independent work cells are easily combined to form a custom manufacturing process meeting your product requirements. You can get increased productivity by outsourcing the most labor-intensive aspects of your construction projects.

3D Printing

Building panels & volumetric modules. Replace precast moulds.

QC with 3D Scanning

Geometry control with a full traceability as a part of GC.

Automated PU Foaming

Thermal insulation of honeycomb structures with PU-foam gives superior energy efficiency.

Exterior & Interior surface finishing

Smooth or rough textures for any surfaces, based on product’s specs.

Up to 80% automation with the Mighty Factory production process

Our Advantages
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50% faster new product introduction
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Product-agnostic production line
quality control icon
Fewer defects with automated quality control

Case studies

The first pilot production facility with Mighty Buildings’ Production-as-a-Service platform is located in Oakland, CA. It allows our partners to lower labor costs and reduce waste while producing complex buildings/building components faster and more accurately than with traditional construction technology.


2x less

Labor hours

95% less

Production waste

10x less

Cycle time

2x faster

Mighty Studio Case:
Traditional Panel vs. 3D Printed Building Component


2.5x less

Labor hours

90% less

Production waste

10x less

Required space

3x less

Mighty Studio Case:
Conventional Prefab vs. Fully Printed Shell

Experience real benefits

With Mighty Buildings’ production platform, you can lower labor expenses and increase quality.

Conventional prefab
Build new assembly line
Test each working cell
Set up manual assembly
Solve unexpected issues
Rearrange assembly line
The first acceptable build
Mighty Buildings
Configure production line
Run Simulation
The first acceptable build
50%faster deployment


Out of all the modular, off-site fabrication solutions we are currently collaborating with, Mighty House is the most innovative. The Mighty House concept and product is incredibly exciting and is well placed to disrupt the construction industry across the residential sector.

David Herd

Managing Partner, BuroHappold

The 3D printing technology developed by Mighty Buildings will play a big part in the drastic disruption in how we build homes.

Lance Manlove

Director of Continuous Innovation, Schell Brothers

We will be working with Mighty Buildings to bring innovation to the process of construction, ultimately resulting in lower construction costs and higher returns on investment for our clients.


Mighty Buildings delivers a technology and product that will create a wave of unprecedented innovation in the housing industry, fundamentally changing construction and real estate.

Bryce Moe

President, Siwek Construction

UL has worked with Mighty Buildings since 2017 to develop a program for the evaluation of their 3D printed building unit and has successfully obtained the first UL certification for a 3D printed building unit and the first UL Evaluation Report of a 3D printed wall construction.

Howard Hopper

FPE, Regulatory Services Manager, UL

Mighty Buildings’ vision of 3D printing houses using automation is truly unique and ground-breaking, and their effort to explore sustainable building materials is very much aligned with Arkema’s vision on sustainability.

Sumeet Jain

Senior Director, 3D Printing Arkema Worldwide

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